October 5, 2011

it's okay, i have a plan

I have a good kitchen. Nothing wrong with it at all. Except that it's basic builder grade. And that I would really love to have a great kitchen. It's by far the nicest kitchen I've ever had so I love it. But, for as long as we've lived here I've always known that someday it will have a mini makeover. I just hadn't decided exactly what to do until recently. 

Here is our basic floorplan. They are many changes to this but you get the idea.

For a little over a month I have been dreaming of a new seating area against the wall in the dining room. Mostly so we could have better access to the sliding door. Images like this won't escape my mind.


The second of which I've seen floating around the internet for a while but for some reason never clicked on the source. Big mistake, since it turns out the answer to my kitchen problems went hand in hand with this nook.

This article in Southern Living put all my previous thoughts and wants together in a simple way. Keep the original footprint, raise original cabinetry to the ceiling and add a shelf underneath. New floor. Perfect hardware. New back splash. Love it, love it, love it! Of course there is one thing I will have to fix when ever it is we do this down the road. And that will be to take that diagonal sink area and straighten it out. It bugs me. Other than that it should be a smart and easy renovation. Well maybe not easy but, not crazy for sure.

It's brilliant! Now I just have to wait a few years and imagine it for a while longer. But a weight has been lifted my friends. I have the basics of what I wanted and now I have a clear vision of the entire plan in my head. I love when it all comes together! Wish I didn't have to wait. But, luckily for Mr. Wallace, I will wait patiently.

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