January 20, 2012

cynthia rowly

I've been loving Cynthia Rowley for years. She is just so much fun. Her fashion is amazing of course but I love her decor as well. Her home featured in Elle Decor a few years ago is still a favorite. I love her beautiful, lively interiors that are not over the top.

 {Yowza I love this kitchen!}

 Does anyone remember when she did the HGTV summer showdown years and years ago when she did the mirrored fireplace? I cannot find an image but it has been tattooed on my brain ever since.

And I love her take on accessorizing a room.

"Over accessorizing can spoil a room. That timeless fashion rule-get completely dressed, then take one thing off-also works with interiors. Edit, edit, edit. A space with excessive tchotchkes is unsettling."

I also really want her book which is a total steal. Thanks amazon!

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