January 19, 2012


It's coming up on our first anniversary of being in our house. Which is nuts! A lot has changed since we moved in but some things have stayed the same since the day our friends moved our furniture in. For example the loft. The most this room has changed is when I move the sectional to vacuum underneath it. I'm determined to at least put a few pictures on the wall before our yearversary. 

I'm also going to turn 30 in a little less than three months. I'm kinda excited about it, I'll be like a grown up! Last night I got to thinking about it and I am considering one of those 30 before 30 lists for projects I want to get done at home before the big day. I'll have to see if I can think of 30 projects that are feasible with time and budgets. I know of at least 11 that I want to have done soon and won't break the bank. I'll have to put it to paper this weekend. 
One project for sure is to change up my red lamps in the front room.

{old pic}

I kind of love the red lamps but they just don't work in here. I've been trying to convince myself that they could and have avoided redoing them. And those side tables too. Come on Amber! But the lamps, the lamps need a redo first. I have a few cans of spray paint that have the best chance of making them work. And I also  really love these new Target lamps.

Which have the same vibe as my lamps. They could be yellow. But, we'll see. I might have too much yellow in there. And I've considered quite a few colors already. I'll figure out what to do exactly and then we'll officially add it to the list!

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