January 2, 2012

i resolve

Like I said, New Year Resolutions are one of my very favorite things. I like to keep track of them too. We have some family ones and my hubby has his. But I thought I would share my very own over here. Keep me accountable and all.

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Be Healthy
I used to teach dance I had a built in workout that I was paid to do. And it kept me in pretty great shape. Since I do not teach currently I have let myself go a little. There's nothing like spandex and living in LA to keep you in shape. I have had highs and lows this year. I couldn't keep up with my 5 am spin class after I crashed on the couch one afternoon and didn't hear my baby crying in the next room because he had thrown up. I was so guilty and knew I couldn't function on that little sleep. I was also a grump! 

So my goal is to find what works for me and stick to it regularly and watch what I eat. I don't want to be on a diet, just eat the right size meals and eat smart. More veggies, less chocolate! And maybe, just maybe I can fit into that box of clothes in the garage. Because I will be much better dressed when that happens!

Focus on my House
It's been an adjustment to have a house, let alone fill it. I used to pass on things I loved and donate things I loved just for more space. Now we need complete rooms filled. So no budget or big budget I want to make sure my house gets attention as much as possible. Maybe even once a week...that would really be sticking to my resolution! I also think little things like flowers, a new pillow or a new picture can make a big difference and make me excited about my home.

Not a magazine but a book Not just one book, at least four. I like to read. Why have I forgotten this?

Take More Pictures
I need to take A LOT more pictures than I did in 2011. I know I haven't exactly had a camera but I need more pictures of my family, house and projects. Plus, I'd like to learn how to take better pictures.

Be Organized
My house is actually super organized right now. It's a little messy upstairs with the kids out of school but all the rooms are organized. Even the coat closet and the office which are the fist to go and the last to clean. I've been working hard on a New Year's cleaning. Hopefully I can keep this in check with daily decluttering and Spring and Fall cleaning. 

I also would like to be more organized with my time. Mostly sticking to a better schedule that includes workouts, laundry and project time. 

I want to be better with birthdays this year. I am terrible. It doesn't help that my husband doesn't know any of his family birthdays but I am the worst with sending cards and remembering. Maybe if I'm more organized it won't be a problem ;)

I also want to send a certain someone a package each month. Just for fun. I'm really excited about this one. I will update on this each month too.


Hope you had a great weekend and hope you had fun making your resolutions. I loved 2011. And I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings!

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  1. Hi Amber - New follower here. This is my trick for sending cards on time. :)



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