January 18, 2012

the missing piece

The last minute change we decided on last week for a client project was to add a settee that we found at an antique show and have a custom slipcover made. We are both thrilled with the addition. And now I have had slipcovers on the brain. Here are my favorites.

 cole and sons

 country living

Clearly I like the pleats a lot. There is something to be said for straight and clean too.

west elm

and ruffles too

I like the box pleated best. What's your favorite?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite has always been the sofa in the Cole & Sons photo.
    Whatever the style of sofa front is in the West Elm photo, see how it doesn't quite hang correctly? I've noticed this issue on a few sofas with the same type of skirt, expensive and inexpensive. Just a thought.


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