January 5, 2012

a welcome distraction

So last night I was at the store getting a few prescriptions for my sick kiddos. Yes, all three. And I was feeling a little grumpy between my lack of sleep and new year detox :) Being tempted in every possible way to make a break for the freezer section to grab a frozen chocolate delight of some kind, I thought I would distract myself by browsing the magazine aisle instead.


My new go to when I want something that packs on the calories can be a design mag! Same price really but nothing could occupy my mind more! I must not abuse this rule of thumb or I could get into trouble. It's only for desperate times.

Anyway, something drew me to House and Home and I grabbed it instead of my other go to picks. Why have I not been getting this mag?! It was so,so inspiring. I seriously ate it up after my kids went to bed.
I have seen this lovely image floating around Blogland and Pinterest for a little while and loved it but never clicked on the source. This whole article was fantastic. Tommy Smythe, who we love from all things Sara Richardson knocked this house out of the park.

The detail in this kitchen is amazing and I love the red lantern as much as everyone else does. I also really love the mix of brass and stainless steel.

These high gloss black walls are to die for. What room can I do that to? I think it would be fun to do a high gloss in my powder bath with lots of brass and white....my poor husband!

I would highly recommend a copy before this gem is off the shelf.

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