February 28, 2012

a pretty pillow and a lesson

After two fruitless trips to World Market to pick up these lovely pillows for myself, I decided to call it a day and ordered them online last night. I have been patiently waiting for the perfect pillows to complete the sofa in my front room. So when the budget and the pillows aligned I wanted to pounce. I'm not always super patient which is why I went twice to pick them up. 

This experience got me thinking back to my mantra that I should drive less and order from home more often. It's a philosophy I easily embraced when the gas prices in California were astronomical. And even here in Boise they are higher than I'd like, so I'm going to try to embrace it once again. Besides, I love getting packages at my door. After learning that these pillows had free shipping and I finding a 10% off coupon code, I spent less than I would have in the store. And these days even $5 on shipping is less than the gas you would spend to drive most places. Because apparently I am cheap and I do not like to fill up my tank....or pay for shipping.

Now this is just a theory and will not work in every situation. But, this is my Tuesday morning wisdom for you :). Enjoy!

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