February 27, 2012

monday mood board: office + guest room

Today I'm so excited to kick off my new series Monday Mood Board. Some will be for me, some will be for clients and some will be for fun. I am going to start off with my much awaited office and guest room. It's finally becoming a reality and I think I pretty much have decided on everything and have a good portion of the stuff already. But another chunk of stuff will have to wait until I get to ikea next. A trip is scheduled for the end of May so....it might take a while but the good news is it's at least starting now.

I thought I would share the Ikea stuff I need to get. First is this table which is the exact size I need and lets face it the perfect price. I still really want the throw I posted on Friday. And I will need some storage and this set of drawers will be perfect. 

I have some of the fabric and the campaign nightstands so at least I can get started. We also will probably have a queen bed in there for a while but I did find the perfect sleeper sofa while we were out last weekend. 

I cannot wait for this room to be done so I can use this card table I'm working on for other things and also so our guests will have a better place to stay.

Happy Monday Mood

1 comment:

  1. Those are great choices, I am sure you will put it together beautifully.


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