March 22, 2012

5, 6 in the mix

30 by 30 is plugging away right now. I have lots in progress, lots on the list and some ready to be photographed. I'm starting to think I should have started this in January or that maybe I'm crazy!

Over the weekend I made 21 dinners. 21 baby. It cost $92 dollars and took me about 2 1/2 hours to prep and cook everything. And I have called a truce with dinner. Why? Because dinner had been bumming me out lately. It never stops! And my kids have been super picky. There are times when I am so motivated and make such good food. There are also times, usually at the end of a season, that I am completely uninspired.

It's been a pretty good week. I've fallen in love with my crock pot. I used many of these recipes and I made a few up {I haven't tested those out ones out yet}. So far so good.

Number 6, I stole from Jenny yesterday. We have been trying to work on our kids behavior lately. And it was perfect timing to introduce something new. Instead of them having a cute coin purse I went with their own mini mason jar. Mostly because my kids would make a mess with them and my youngest would eat them off the floor. 

So far my oldest is eating the new motivation up and my problem child is taking it hard. Hopefully today when we start off the day with it he will do better than last night. I think he is technically negative 10 beans right now. But we'll work on that! This one was free since I had all the jars and beans on hand.
Don't worry most of 30 by 30 will home decor or organizing related. But you gotta give me these two :) If I'm going to keep my house clean and have time to decorate it with my projects I need these two to help me along.

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  1. Nice job on the freezer cooking! 21 meals, I'm jealous :)


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