April 6, 2012

glam lamp

Remember my red lamps?

{summer 2011}

I kind of loved them. But they just didn't go with them room. So I gave them a little makeover. Well the shade is still in it's final stages. So for now I give you project nine, the glam gold lamp base.

I started by taping everything off

 And then I decided to take a little chance and use the paint and primer in one spray paint from rust-oleum. I was scared after the first coat.

But after five very light even coats I had this. Worked like a charm!

Soon you can see the entire lamp. I think I already like them better than the red, a good sign. And that side table the lamp is sitting on is also mid-painting. It's crazy over here! But this 30 by 30 is making my living room look pretty fancy! My office too! 

Happy Easter weekend!


  1. WOW Amber I love this! Amazing what spray paint can do right?? I have a side table that we picked up @ Goodwill a few weeks ago that's going to get a makeover. Just haven't decided what to do with it yet!

  2. OOOOH I LOVE the new color...love love. It matches the mirror...what a great change!

    so glad I found your blog...and btw come check out my blog all about COLOR...I'm doing a really fun giveaway I think you just might like! :-)

  3. I am soo glad I read this post before I sprayed my lamp! I would probably do 2 thick coats and have paint dripping for hours! Glad to know if takes a lot more! Thanks! Love it read but the gold is soo glam too!

    Happy Easter! :)


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