April 5, 2012

lots of progress to report

I'm not going to lie, Spring Break really set back my 30 by 30 and my weight loss too :) But I feel like I finally am getting back on track. Yesterday I worked on two projects, went walking and did a workout dvd. If all goes as planned today I will photograph a few completed projects and finish up one or two more. If the world was perfect all my laundry and cleaning would also be done. But, oh well! I will hopefully get that all done too. In the meantime there are a few gold things curing in my garage. A few coral things drying in my office. New furniture put together and a slew of supplies lined up on my spare bed. That is my kind of fun!

I am also really excited to share a few room reveals with you next week.

I received a lovely little gift card in the mail that funded a few more projects. What a fun surprise that was! Thank you ladies!

 I've had a few questions about the brass corners on the lack side tables. So while I was at the depot I thought I would snap a shot of what I used. Hopefully it helps. I'm still in love with those tables of mine!

Now these seem to look huge in my hand. But the two sides of the corners are 1.5 inches. And I'll never be a hand model. Especially when I slice my hands up whilst putting together Ikea furniture. But that's a whole other story. 

Only 10 days left. Eek!

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