April 30, 2012

my weekend

What a fabulous weekend I had! It was busy, busy and full of soccer games, errands and a few super fun parties. But, the thing I am most happy about is this.

Isn't is gorgeous! It was bad! Not so bad that our car slept outside but bad enough! I didn't even think to take a before shot. I still have to donate that high chair, move the file cabinet to the office and spruce up that chair but this garage is ready for a new friend, my friends. After 3 years of being a one car family we are in the market for a mini van and I could not be more thrilled. Do you know how much furniture I am going to haul in that bad boy!? And my 3 kids barely fit in our back seat right now so it is a long time coming.

The joy of this shot is that all the bins are empty. Lots of purging and donating happened. Feels great! And a special thanks goes out to my hubby who did a lot while I was at a birthday party.

And then the cutest thing that happened this weekend. Friday night my daughter passed me this note. "Paint your room Mama." Love it! She then took me to one of my magazines and told me which colors she thought would look best. A girl after my own heart!

Happy Monday!


  1. My husband did a garage cleanout this weekend - so he could fit his car in there! It so needed to be done and I'm glad he's the one who rolled up his sleeves! BTW, what color did she pick for you?


  2. Looking good! So excited for you to get that van :)

  3. Good for you cleaning up your garage! It looks great!! I totally needed the motivation to clean...Thanks! =)

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