May 7, 2012

monday mood board: fun and young family room

When I got the pictures for this e-design I was so excited because a} they are the cutest young family ever b} their house is super charming and I love it and c} I went to high school with the mama. 

Using some of their pieces, new pieces and vintage inspired finds this is what I put together.

I love this sunburst mirror from home depot for a $35 steal.

And these painted striped curtains are still some of the greatest things I've ever seen. Easy on the pocket book, heavy on style.

It will be so fun seeing it come together!


  1. $35 for that mirror?!
    I love the colors in the mood board.

  2. I've seen the $35 mirror in store and it's pretty good! Wanting but nervous about doing striped curtains. What a great look!


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