May 8, 2012

miss l's room

I really liked my girl's room before.

But I like it even more now.

One weekend, I was feeling a bit blue. I want to get something done when I feel blue usually. And having zero dollars I knew the only thing I could really mix up was my daughter's room. You see for a year I was saving this pair of bergere chairs, pillows and a stool for a project. But that project had been put on hold and since changed...a lot. Getting installed in the next few months though.{!} So they came to rescue my mood and I turned them into a sweet little sitting area.


Then I moved the bench by the window to create a little window seat of sorts. It's been really fun there because we get amazing sunsets from the back of our house. I also moved the mirror over the headboard. But do not be alarmed, it's a plastic mirror and well secured at that. Nobody will be injured by the cute mirror :)

 I popped her little desk into the corner and moved the bulletins to that wall. All the kids love to sit there and color.

The art stayed the same mostly, except for adding this owl mask that she made that I love.

Not too shabby for a free makeover! And it's another one of those 30 by 30 projects I haven't shown you yet. Check it off the list.


  1. The curtains are adorable and I love the seating area! Very cute and a perfect little reading spot!

  2. I love it! Your new seating area looks great! I love the gallery wall.

  3. Cute! The curtains and the rug are my favorite parts!

  4. Such a sweet room! There are so many great details. I need to get a good gallery wall going in my kids rooms.

  5. Hi Amber, just found you! This is so adorable...the chairs, the rug, the dresser, I love what you've done in here! I'll always choose free when I can :)

  6. Amber, you never cease to amaze me! Laila's room is adorable & perfect for her. :-)

  7. How adorable is this room, I love the Chairs.

  8. It looks so pretty! The curtains are gorgeous and I adore those big blue pillows on the chairs!


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