May 9, 2012

obsess much?

I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of an obsessive personality. There are many things I have been obsessed with in the past. Most are good things, others aren't bad but might be a tad embarrassing. Lately I've noticed a few obsessions creeping into my home that I wasn't really aware I had. 

Like I clearly have a new obsession with blue and white trays. Especially ikat ones.

I've wanted serving ware for years and since we didn't get any of the ones we registered for and also lived in tiny apartments for years I never did. So this obsession crept up on me slowly with sales and ikea. The most expensive was the seven dollar striped ikea tray. The rest were target or home good finds and less than four dollars each. But now all my parties will have to go along with this color scheme until I can start obsessing over more neutral pieces. Or let's face it when I find ones on sale :)

So there is the first of many obsessions I have. Maybe I'm a bit crazy! Oh well.
 What do you obsess about?


  1. Had to chuckle at this one because I am right there with you! Once you start one collection, you realize you need another! I do think it is fun to hunt for that piece that goes and when you are done...why not start another! Ha!

  2. I like your collection! I'm kind of obsessed with cupcakes..I have a cupcake apron, cupcake cookie jar, cupcake-smelling candles (The Yankee one is amazing), and cupcake-smelling lotion. I need to find a new obsession but they're just so cute!


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