June 29, 2012


When planning the playroom at the end of May I thought it would be an awesome and easy to make some bulletin boards. It was. But it also came with a lot of stress and hard work. They had so many components that had to come together. In the end they worked out so well.

Well except that when I measured the short attic walls I had no idea one side of the room would be 3 inches taller than the other side. No biggie. 

After getting cancelled on for installation of a few things. I tried to figure out a way for me to install a few things without messing them up. Realizing how much money we would need to spend on tools or renting tools. And knowing I might do a second rate job. I had to let go. And that is a realllllllllllly short version of how it went and how I actually felt. I was devastated. But, I knew after explaining it to new contractor man that he was fully capable to finish even if I wasn't there.

So these are not hung on the wall, but they should be by the end of the day today. Not that I can guarantee pictures for you {me either!} or anything. 

We have a magnetic chalkboard

Bulletin board

Peg board

 And magnet board

Sorry the color looks different in every picture. I'm ashamed of my camera skills.

I got the frames locally in Boise at a discount frame shop for $36 each. The inside measures 24 by 30 inches. And the frame is clearly big and chunky. I love the color! It is Sherwin William's Gray's Harbor in their ProClassic semi-gloss paint.

I backed the metals with wood and adhered everything with fabri-tac and glazier points. And reinforced the bulletin with some wood stirring sticks in the corners. I'm nothing if not resourceful.

And while I am already talking too much I am about to blow your mind. Fabri-tac and Magna-tac are the exact same thing. I said it. I was blown away when I called the company to ask where I could find Magna-tac in my area. And the nice lady on the phone said that it is commonly sold as Fabri-tac on the west coast and Magna-tac on the east. But the product was exactly the same. Whoa. Isn't that crazy? Maybe you already knew that and I am just crazy.

10 points if you are still reading :)

Anyway! We couldn't see out the back window on our drive down. And maybe this was the second paint color. And no, they are not on the wall yet. But here they are and I still love them.


  1. I love the fabric you used on the bulletin board! Jx

  2. I second Jane's comment about the beautiful fabric you used on the bulletin board! The peg board would be so useful in our shed! Guess I better start getting crafty!


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