June 28, 2012

shelving after

Well, my little Ikea VITTSJO didn't get the makeover I was expecting. The big plan was to replace the glass with wood {glass in a playroom not too safe} and paint it a fun color. But once we put it together we all really loved the dark color against the light walls. But, we still needed to replace the glass with wood and paint it. What's a girl to do? Oil rubbed bronze spray paint of course! Worked like a charm.

I love it in the space and it really is doing it's job here with storage. Some the kids can reach and some out of the way so it can all be rotated to keep the toys exciting. 



 It seriously worked so perfect in the room. The toys were all in random bins tucked under the short walls in the room. Now we took the one tall wall and maxed it out. And for $110! Well, a little more than that after we replaced the glass with wood. Thank you Home Depot for being so patient with me and cutting all that wood for me!

In the end, we all loved it even more than we were expecting we would. And maybe I want one for my bedroom now. Oh Ikea, why are you so far away?


  1. I want to buy those and spray them gold! I am totally obsessed with those shelves! Love the dark and the wood painted... super smart!

  2. They look great! I love all the storage. Good call on replacing the glass with wood, I love how it turned out!

  3. Being a bit of an organization freak myself, you have no idea how much I love this idea! The look is aesthetically pleasing and the amount of storage is wonderful for a play room. Bravo, friend!


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