June 13, 2012

glass house

I am so excited for the premiere of The Glass House Monday on abc. Normally I probably would not be watching. But, I have a special reason to watch.

One of my very best friends, Andrea is on the show! She is an amazing person and I hope she does great! She is a mom. She is fun. She is hilarious. And she really cares for others. So you should probably vote for her too! Voting is already going on.

I am also interested in seeing how they decorate this glass house. I am really hoping it looks like this.

Emily Henderson

Best glass house challenge ever!

But anyway, GOOOO Andrea!!!


  1. That's so fun! Good luck to her. I'm not sure I'll be watching but the producers would be smart to hire Emily Henderson to design the house! ;-)

  2. Always looking for another design show, there are only so many House Hunters a girl can watch!



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