June 14, 2012

a whole lotta stripes

Yesterday I had 22 yards of stripes come to my door. No big deal! 

Now my job is to get it together and in the next 30 hours host a lunch and play date for some friends in town {yay!}, pack my family for a trip, finish up a few painting/contact cementing projects and sew 8 curtain panels and a puppet show. For some reason I am not freaking out. I totally think I can do it. But maybe you should go ahead and wish me luck. 

And as for the great vertical vs. horizontal debate. To make my life 100 times easier...I'm going vertical! I almost went for the other. Hard decision, but in the end it would save me hours and hours of more sewing and stress during the install. Plus, believe it or not, the vertical is going to be better for the room. It needs visual height added.


Scratch everything else I said. I am doing vertical stripes because the room needs more visual height. There, that sounds much better!

Better get busy!


  1. you can totally get it all done - love that fabric!

  2. Ahhh so many fun plans! I wouldn't stress out if I were either...you got this. Oh and just read yesterday's post...Good luck Andrea!!

  3. I cannot imagine a room without any stripes. Love them on curtains and rugs especially! Hope you can stop by and help me pick my front door color!


  4. Yikes! You really do have your work cut out for you so I am going to go ahead an wish you good luck (you can do it)!!!! Pictures of the curtains when they are done?


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