June 26, 2012

outdoor seating

While I was in Utah I must have hit the Home Depot four times I think. Stuff comes up :) And while I was there I always had to steal a glance at this gorgeous outdoor seating
Oh I want it! It's on sale for $499 for the entire set. Not too shabby. My local store doesn't have it, but there are 3 more to drive to in hopes of finding it. Although, I might be hoping for it to go even less by the end of summer. Imagine what it would look like if you replaced the cushions with a bold black and white stripe. Yes please!


  1. $499 for the whole set?! What a deal! I love Home Depot.

  2. So amazing! Wish I had more room for that on my patio! Black & White stripes are must for patios too :) Wish I had the time/money to recover my cushions! One day!

  3. I'm totally diggin' what you're throwin' down :)

  4. I just adore these chairs. I fell in love with something very similar in a dark stained finish, but the $1500 (each) price tag put them well outside my budget!


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