November 15, 2012

before and after: striped chair

I have been anxiously waiting to show you this chair. And wouldn't you know when I finally can, my pictures look terrible! I dropped it off at my client's house last night so I can officially share it with the rest of the world. The before shot does not give justice to the bad shape it was in.


After {which doesn't really do justice either}

\I promise to take better shots next time I am at her house. But, dude this is an awesome chair. I wanted to keep it! More pictures to come, at least my instagram picture turned out a little.

I fixed up a few cracks, painted it in high gloss black, and reupholstered it myself. And I'm only a little proud of it ;)


  1. It's so pretty! I love the fabric you chose! I'm very impressed that you did it all yourself.

  2. Eeeek! I love it! So gorgeous. Isn't it amazing what an upholstery job can do for a piece of furniture??

  3. Amber, I am in the middle of trying to reupholster some chairs and I'm so worried about messing up! Did you just figure it out as you went along or did you use someone's instructions for reupholstering? If you used a website or book or something, would you pass along the info? The chair looks awesome!
    -Shannon (Nicholas)

    1. I didn't use instructions but, I sent you an email with a few links :)


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