November 14, 2012

sewing lessons

Last night at a church function, I won two hours of sewing lessons with a pro. I fought hard for it :) I knew since the same event last year that this was what all my points would go to. And they did. Sure I can sew an envelope back pillow or some crazy simple curtains. But after my classes I am hoping to be able to quickly sew up some fancy smanchy pillows with piping and a zipper. Time to bust out my 20 by 20 remnant of imperial trellis that I've been too afraid to touch. Woot!

If I play my cards right I am hoping I can squeeze in a lesson on roman shades. I would have to sew really fast to fit that in. But how awesome would it be to sew my own. Wish me luck. I'm so excited!

And don't miss tomorrow. I have my favorite before and after ever to show you!! I have been waiting to let my client see it first and I am delivering it tonight. I can't wait.

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