May 18, 2011

picking paint

I had a question about how I pick paint. I am not a paint expert but I do have a way that I like to do it. I really try to go with lighter paint colors because I think they bring more light into a room. I tend to look at the colors I like and go one shade lighter. 

I do love a room painted a dark color but only if it has a lot of crisp white throughout the room.And the room would have to be quite large.


{zooey d-domino}

 But I like more neutrals at the moment. 


{unknown-via little green notebook}

Here are some of my favorite paint colors:

Love any of Glidden's off whites because they are so light and airy but not white. And also love their neutrals.

I buy most of my paint from Kwal. It's not everywhere but I can get it at a great price and it's a high quality paint.

I love a neutral grey. Grey undertone in a color will make it more versatile. I always choose blues with grey in it. That's what I did in my living room.
 {l & s- current wish/inspiration fabric}
My fail safe and favorite way to pick a paint color is to find a fabric that I love for the room and pick a color out of that. I like to start all room designs with fabric or a rug.
Hope that helps! More on this to come!

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