June 8, 2011

i love color

Since I've been thinking about the backyard so much I have been dreaming about dinners outside with pretty lanterns, cute plates and good company. After reading this post from Caitlin about indoor dining, I knew I wanted pretty chairs in a rainbow of colors for my outdoor dining.

So I started my fruitless Craigslisting.

Then I stumbled upon these beauties

Wouldn't they be dreamy for my porch? I think so. But seeing as they are grossly over budget I will continue my conquest on Craigslist and maybe a few thrift stores out there. I saw some close calls but no winners yet. Don't worry Craigslist is my crack and I will find something soon enough.

And in other news...I think my life would be complete if these were on my dinner table every night.

Wowza. Love them!

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