August 9, 2011

can i decorate my office now?

I think the master bedroom will be next on the to do list. That is only because I couldn't sleep one night and thought of a way I can have almost everything I want without spending hardly any money. That's life right. If I had my way and the money to have my way I would fix up the office slash guest room. And this would be heavily involved.

I love it! 
I would definitely use this fabric for curtains

Which we are using for roman shades in my clients home. I love it so much that it might come live at my house too.

I wish I had Jenny's mind! I'd like to do something like she did for desks. But I would be strraight up copying her! I had already been thinking of doing Ikea desks in an L shape in my corner similar to what Sarah Richardson did here.

Hopefully I will have my own spin! Everything is inspired by something right!?

And I will need a lot of storage. I think I could really do something interesting with some of these. They could be pretty fabulous. I cannot believe I've never noticed them before. The price is unbeatable, which kind of makes me wonder about their durability. We'll see if I can't come up with something different in the meantime. I'm sure there is something waiting for me to Craigslist it someday.

Someday the office will be finished started. 

Until then I guess I will put that bedroom plan into motion.

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