August 10, 2011

the master before

Here is our master bedroom currently. Nothing terrible. Pretty boring. Not a thing on the walls.

The brown headboard is our very first headboard. It took us 7 years of marriage to finally have my much anticipated headboard. But, the brown is kind of bumming me out. So the plan is to try my hand at tufting and reupholster it. I'd also love some new bedding...thrifty bedding.

 {pay no attention to my projects under the dresser}

Yes that is my tv! Pathetic? Yes. Nice to have in my bedroom anyway? Yes! Nothing will happen to that yet. Much to my husband's dismay. But I promise to add something else to the top of the long dresser and put something pretty behind it.

Do you see that fabulous, mint condition faux bamboo and caned chair. The angels were singing on me when I found that for $7.95 at an office supply store last year. Thanks for taking me there Bridgette! That chair is dying for a solid color and pretty pillow.

The furniture just needs a really good sanding and some updating. And some major organization of my husband's books on the inside! It's gorgeous stuff. It's my greatest Craigslist story, you ready? Henredon Furniture, 100% wood, with dovetailed cedar drawers that have built in drawer dividers. I got the 9 drawer dresser, 5 drawer dresser {in my closet}, 2 nightstands, a super cool but resold king headboard, and a mirror for $150. That is a great deal my friends! I was on the phone saying I didn't need to look at it I wanted it, just make sure I am there first. It also involved 2 cars and my handicapped but helluva sport, awesome dad! Just his car and driving, not his heavy lifting.

 This wall is screaming for some attention. And it will get it. Not sure what yet on this one. It kind of depends on what I find. That's how I roll.

This vast area longs for a bench.

Also on the list:
-curtains for the oddly placed window
-small mirror for over the bed
-art and lamps for nightstands
-I wanna say nicer sheets but that's an extra. An extra I'd really love to have.

So all in all, a lot to do but not a lot to spend. Which is always a plus in my book. A lot of the projects might have to wait until school starts. And that is coming up quicker than I'm probably ready for. Not bad for inspiration that became all too clear to me while I should have been sleeping.

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  1. I had forgotten about the great chair! I plan on doing our master this fall/winter, thanks for all your great inspiration.


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