February 24, 2012

friday thoughts

I am really looking forward to this weekend. We neeeeeed a good weekend over here. We are going to set up a tent in the loft and have some family movie time. And maybe if we all play our cards right we will finally get that garage reorganized and rehang some curtains pulled down by little hands {then I will show you a few pictures I have been waiting to share}.
If you like to leave comments on blogs you shouldn't be a no-reply blogger. Are you? If you are here are easy to follow instructions on how to change it. And then hopefully I can reply to all of your comments. Sometimes I reply and do not notice that it was to a no-reply email. I couldn't remember how I fixed mine, so let Dandee tell you :)
And I also wanted to share this fab find I came across tonight. Man, I miss living 20 minutes from an Ikea. But, next time I am near one I am going to be all over this striped throw. Twenty bucks, come on! 
 Please don't buy them all out before I get to one.

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