February 23, 2012

powder bath

Now that we have officially lived in our home a year I am starting to feel bad for the rooms that haven't really been touched since moving day. The loft is one, the office another and there's also the half bath. I put a trash can, a soap dispenser and towel in there and called it a day.

It's pretty much been off my mind aside from cleaning it ever since. But lately I have been itching to get in there and fix it up. It wouldn't take much, I don't think. For the past few weeks my thought was to paint it a dark navy and add touches of gold to the room. It could be really cool but it also could turn into a scary room my kids don't like to use. Hmmm.

This past weekend I went to a beautiful home and saw this color painted on the walls. I became obsessed.

It may have to live in the bathroom. Then with a new light fixture, add a layered mirror, maybe a rug until we redo the floors and BAM! Fancy new bathroom. If you need me I will be hunting down light fixtures at my favorite second hand sources. Wish me luck.

Other thoughts I've had were emerald green paint, wallpaper and stenciling. So my plan could always change. I'm hoping since this is a smaller makeover, it will be done sooner than later. One can only hope. What do you think I should choose?

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