March 13, 2012

best magazine ever

My 30 by 30 is in full swing. Many of the projects are in progress. Number 3 might be a little boring to you but it's lots of fun for me. Right before moving to Boise from Southern California,  my husband begged me to reduce the magazine pile. I was hoarding every single issue of Domino magazine and was quite proud of my stash. I loved looking through them. It was the worst and best decision to give in and tear out my favorites. It took quite some time and there was a LOT of pages to tear out. But I did it and regretted it ever since.

I had the pages started in my giant binder with plastic sleeves. But, time wasn't on my side and I needed to pack my apartment up. And so after three moves and more time than I want to admit I hunkered down this weekend and finished up my book. And afterwords I couldn't believe how much fun it was to look through. I was reliving the glory days with my favorite pages and stories. It turned into the best magazine I could have ever asked for. Longest too!

And I think I am finally over my shame from destroying the beautiful Domino magazines too. It probably helps that it's hitting the shelf again next month. I.cannot.wait! And I think if I hadn't done this my magazines may have "fallen off the truck" in one of those moves :)

I must be growing up! I'm curious if any of you still have every issue or what you do with your favorite magazines after you read them? Clearly I have a hard time letting go.

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  1. Okay, wait a minute.... you are not 30 yet!!! Ohh...I am jealous! Ha! Love your 30 before 30! I am too a magazine hoarder! Love them and cannot throw them away! I cherish my Dominio mags-cannot wait until April! I actually have a huge piece of furniture under my TV that holds all of my design magazines on the shelves. I love it! Great post!


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