March 8, 2012

challenge excepted

The Pinterest Challenge is back! I'd say the timing is perfect since I have 28 more projects to get under my belt for my 30 by 30 challenge. I think I will make this


Man I wish! I think it will need to be a bit more simple for next week's challenge. I think this wreath might be in order. You know I love a good W.

I'd still love to do this large art from Jenny.

Or maybe try my hand at some diy art?

Or maybe something else entirely. Are you doing the challenge? What do you think I should choose?

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  1. I really want to do that art DIY from Jenny! Isn't she brilliant?! What a great idea! I should do a challenge, I could get so much done!

  2. wowzers, amber. I love that last image with the gorgeous watercolor artwork. I vote for you to do that one!!


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