March 9, 2012

friday thoughts 3.9.12

What a good week! Oh but I am looking forward to the weekend!

My house has been spotless this week. During nap times I was able to do a quick sweep and get my workouts in. I even fit in a project or two and almost finished a room design. Homework was done and quality time was spent. I was starting to feel pretty good about myself until I realized that I hadn't touched the laundry in well over a week. Hmmm. Oh well, a laundry marathon has commenced and now my house is messy again. You cannot do it all. Maybe you can. But I can't. 

If you can, please let me know how!

I am going to a good old fashioned dance competition with one of my best friends this weekend. It will be like the good old days. It has been so long and I am super excited! Also on the list: cleaning the car out {can this be one of my 30 by 30 projects? No. Please?},donating a few boxes and prepping for my 30 by 30!

Very exciting! What are you doing this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. I agree, just when I think I have conquered it all I remember what I have completely spaced doing something...for me it's usually the dishes...or my hair :)

    PS-Cannot wait for PNW


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