November 1, 2011

happy 100th


I cannot believe this is already my 100th post! Time has flown by. This little blog is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Now that I have done it for a little while I figured this would be a good time to evaluate what I've learned so far.

-never start a blog and then tragically lose your camera the same week
-life is so much sweeter when there is a scheduled post for the morning
-I do not make a lot of sense in the wee hours
-don't sweat the small stuff
-be yourself
-I need to try harder to carve out project time
-projects cost money
-sometimes no post is better than a mediocre post
{I'm proud that I spelled mediocre right on the first try!}
-and speaking of spelling...I cannot spell definately right ever!!!! Spell check gets it every single time. Why do I say it so often? And I even try mixing it up. I definitly need to figure that one out :)
-I love comments but they don't happen very often and that's okay
-I have stopped obsessing over the amount of people who visit every day
-people rock! We had an amazing turnout and amazing support!
-Posting something I am proud of is the best feeling. Most proud 1,2,3

Things I want to work on:
-more tutorials and before and afters
-showing my house and it's progress {even if it's slow}
-get involved in more challenges, like the dollhouse project. It's great motivation!

Now I'm hoping you will tell me a few things. Let me know what feedback you have. Anything you want to see more of, or less of? Anything I should add to regular posting? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Here's to many more posts here at Noted Home!

1 comment:

  1. Happy 100th post Noted Home! Something that might be fun to add to regular posting- highlight a color or pattern that is HOT, then show us small ways to incorporate into our homes. A micro-makeover. This isn't making as much sense typed out as it does in my head :)


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